About Us

American Pension Services, Inc.® Genuine Self-Direction® since 1982

A pioneer in the field of Genuine Self-Direction®. Curtis L. DeYoung founded American Pension Services, Inc.® in 1982 for the purpose of allowing investors to self-direct their retirement funds as broadly as the law allows. With nearly thirty years of experience, American Pension offers unmatched expertise, customer service, and efficiency in account administration.

APS® is a neutral, third-party administrator, providing the freedom of Genuine Self-Direction without the conflict inherent in offering financial products, investments, or investment advice.

Family owned and operated, American Pension Services promotes family legacy development specializing in the administration of inherited /beneficial /stretch IRAs because retirement accounts, when established properly, can benefit children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. Through a retirement plan with American Pension, you too can build a lasting family legacy investing in WHAT YOU KNOW.

APS administers the following plans:
• Total(k)® / 401(k)
• Traditional IRA
• Roth IRA
• Coverdell ESA


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