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Celebrating 30 Years

A pioneer in the field of genuine self-direction®, Curtis L. DeYoung founded American Pension Services, Inc.® (APS®) in 1982 for the purpose of allowing investors to self-direct their retirement funds as broadly as the law allows. With over 30 years of experience, APS offers unmatched expertise to clients in every state. American Pension Services is the recipient of ExpertPlan's 2012 Partner of the Year Award, distinguished as Best of State 2013, and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

American Pension Services does not recommend, endorse, or sell investments – APS is a neutral third-party administrator providing investors the freedom of genuine self-direction without the conflict of interest inherent in offering financial products, investments, or investment advice.

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Genuine Self-Direction

Genuine self-direction is the freedom to invest your IRA and 401(k) funds in what you know.™ If you seek an alternative to stock, bond, and mutual fund retirement assets, genuine self-direction may be right for you.

American Pension Services' self-directed IRAs and 401(k)s are equipped with every available flexibility allowing account owners the freedom to invest in anything allowed by law. American Pension administers a variety of self-directed retirement plans including:





Technically all retirement plans can be self-directed they are however limited (by the plan provider) to the investments sold by the plan provider. In contrast American Pension Services does not recommend, endorse, or sell investments – APS is a neutral third-party administrator. With stringent neutrality APS protects the account owner's freedom to invest their retirement in what makes the most sense to them.

The IRS allows a wide range of traditional and non-traditional investments in retirement plans. These investments include but are not limited to; Real Estate, Options, IPO Stocks, Trust Deed Notes, Leases, Closely Held Stock, Promissory Notes, Tax Lien Certificates, Oil and Gas Leases, Stocks & Bonds, LLCs, Coins, Sales Contracts, and more.

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