Are You Converted?

A Roth conversion allows for the conversion of assets from the tax-deferred environment of an IRA or 401(k) to the tax-free environment of a Roth IRA. 

Roth conversion highlights:

  • Roth assets appreciate tax-free! Would you rather pay taxes on the seed or the harvest?

  • There are no income restrictions limiting Roth conversion eligibility. Everyone is eligible to Roth convert (including high income earners).

  • You are not required to Roth convert 100%. You may elect to Roth convert a portion of your IRA or 401(k) annually.
  • In-kind Roth conversions allow for the conversion of assets like notes, real property, and LLCs without liquidating. In-kind conversions require a fair market valuation by a certified appraiser.

  • In the event that you cannot afford the conversion taxes you may re-characterize the converted amount by your tax filing deadline.
  • NOTE: A Roth Conversion is a taxable event, please consult with your tax professionals.