Build Your 401(k)

American Pension Services self-directed 401(k)


Maybe you built your business on a card table in your living room, or in your garage, or while your kids were raising themselves. No matter how humble your business beginnings, you built it, and now it's time to get with it building your 401(k). With the tremendous tax benefits 401(k) plans make available to business owners, 401(k)s are simply too valuable to ignore.

Consider the benefits of a self-directed 401(k):

  • - Contribute up to $52,000 annually (2014)
  • - Personal contribution up to $17,500 annually (2014)
  • - 2014 catch-up contribution up to $5,500 annually (age 50+)
  • - Make pre-tax & Roth contributions
  • - Employer contributions are tax-deductible
  • - Borrow up to $50,000 from your own plan
  • - Zero long-term capital gains tax
  • - No investment income tax
  • - Invest your 401(k) alongside your IRA
  • - Invest in everything allowed by law

Each 401(k) plan document is customized to fit your unique needs. Contact us for a no obligation consultation at 801-571-0667, or by selecting the Contact Us button below.